Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Trans* Asian American / Pacific Islander space at conference

Offered on Saturday, February 28 to conference attendees:

Trans* AA/PI… Bringing Trans*ness Back Home
Avery Nguyen, QTPOC Facilitator,  UC Santa Cruz
Tam Welch, Cantú Queer Center & Women’s Center, UC  Santa Cruz

This workshop  provides a space for folx who simultaneously identify as trans* and as Asian-American/Pacific Islander. As trans* AA/PI, what does it mean to navigate various cultural spaces? How do we decide family, chosen or otherwise, and what does home mean to us? Here we will share personal experiences and tips, strategies, and resources on how to cross language and cultural barriers. Join our discussion.

Closed Space: The program is only open to people who self-identity as both Trans* and Asian American / Pacific Islander.