Wednesday, January 14, 2015

TRANSForming Eating Disorder Recovery workshop offered

Offered on Saturday, February 28 to conference attendees:

TRANSForming Eating Disorder Recovery: Education, Empowerment, Advocacy
Dagan VanDemark, T-FFED: Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders,
Dan Maldonado & Rajah Jones, CSUN

This interactive workshop deconstructs the overrepresentation of eating disorders in our trans and gender-diverse communities, focusing on risk factors (personal and intersectional structural factors, trauma, internalized transphobia, the ways in which gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia inform each other, etc.), accessing care, and engendering representation in media and research. Participants will undermine eating disorder myths, discuss healthy coping skills, increase their capacity to advocate for gender-literate care and learn about community-focused healing initiatives.