Friday, March 16, 2018

Name & Gender Change Workshops at the 4th Asterisk Trans* Conference


Curious what the process is to legally change your name or your gender marker? 

Join The LGBT Center staffLuna, Manager: TEEP Legal Services, in this workshop.
•Become familiar with the necessary forms.
•Understand which courts are available to you.
•Apply for fee waivers.
•Know your rights for undocumented/ID-less folks.
•Decide whether to file as a youth under 18 or not.
•Begin the expungement process for tickets, warrants and other misdemeanors/felonies.
•Outline your physician’s affidavit.
•Learn updates for non-binary gender marker changes in California.

Resources will be provided to partner organizations such as Bet Tzedek Legal Services.

Luna will be presenting two amazing and useful presentations at the conference (see previous post for info on their other workshop). We hope you will check out one of their workshops!

Pronouns: they/them/theirs