Friday, March 16, 2018

Typewriter Troubadour Jeremy M. Brownlove To Write Poetry for Conference Attendees

Typewriter Troubadour Jeremy M. Brownlove

We are excited to have the Typewriter Troubadour, Jeremy M. Brownlove, join us at the conference to write attendees (free!) short poems about a topic of their choice, on the spot, during breakfast and lunch!

Jeremy is a trans American poet. In 2015 he founded the improv-typewriter poetry project, Typewriter Troubadour, while traveling across America creating and performing original pieces of poetry for curious pedestrians. His first book of poetry, Angels Of The Underground, will be released in May 2018. When he is not writing, Jeremy enjoys cooking, adventures in nature, taking photographs, and playing drums. A full time traveler, he calls the open road his home.

You can see his work, and follow his travels on Instagram, (@typewritertroubadour) and of course at the conference!