Wednesday, December 17, 2014

UCR Registration Fee of $10 Includes T-Shirt

The back of the conference T-shirt.

The registration rate for UC Riverside students, staff, and faculty to attend the Asterisk Trans* Conference is only $10 and includes a conference T-shirt. The form to accompany check payments has been updated to reflect this rate.

The deadline for online registration and payment is February 6, 2015. This is a hard deadline, so that we may order the correct amount of food and T-shirts.

Regular (non-UCR) registration is $20 (with T-shirt). Reduced registration is $10 (without T-shirt). Fee waivers are also available for those unable to afford to pay a fee.

People from campuses who have paid the Group Registration rate do not need to send in a check payment. You only need to register online by the February 6, 2015 deadline.