Saturday, January 21, 2017

Workshops Announced for 3rd Asterisk Trans* Conference

On Saturday, February 25, the 3rd Asterisk Trans* Conference will offer 23 workshops over 4 sessions. A flex space room and self-care room will also be provided. The time for each workshop has not yet been finalized.

Read the workshop descriptions by clicking here.

  • Cis Partners of Trans Folx
  • A Conversation with Zoey Luna and Her Mother Ofelia
  • Even My Drums are Revolutionary
  • Health Providers Panel: Accessing Trans-Friendly Health Care
  • Honoring the T in LGBTQ History
  • Introduction to Nonbinary Identities
  • Let's Talk About Sex: What You Want to Know, What You Need to Know.
  • Linguistics of Gender Neutral Language
  • Name and Gender Marker Change Clinic
  • Name, Reclaim, Love: Navigating Dysphoria through Self-Love
  • Neurodiversity and Disability in the Transgender Community: A community dialogue
  • PrEP & Medical Considerations for Transgender Health
  • Psychotherapy 101: A Q&A session about finding trans* affirming mental health care
  • “Raising Zoey” Film Screening
  • Sexual Violence Affecting and Within the Trans Community
  • Socially Engaged Queer & Trans Creative Projects
  • Spiritual Reclamation: On the Borderlands of Faith and Ethnicity
  • Trans Care 911: Prehospital Emergency Care for Trans People
  • Trans & Queer Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
  • Trans & Queer Chicanx/Latinx Caucus
  • Transforming Eating Disorder Recovery: Education, Empowerment, Advocacy
  • What do we do now? Supporting a trans* person after a traumatic event
  • What's the Quota when Questioning?