Friday, January 29, 2016

Register Online by Feb. 5 To Get the Conference T-Shirt

Friday, February 5 is the online registration deadline if you wish to receive the conference T-shirt when you attend the 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conference at UC Riverside on February 26-27, 2016. Click here to register. After you submit the form, you will be sent to an anonymous demographic form... a very very very short one, we promise.

After February 5, you may still register online but you will not receive a T-shirt and we cannot guarantee a preferred box lunch on Saturday of the Conference.

Check here to see if your campus is doing a Group Registration, allowing an unlimited number of students, staff and faculty to attend the conference with no additional registration fees.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Workshops Announced for 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conference

On Saturday, February 27, the 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conference will offer 24 workshops over 4 sessions. A flex space room and self-care room will also be provided. The time for each workshop has not yet been finalized.

Read the workshop descriptions by clicking here.
  1. Art, Identity, and YOU: Trans Art and Empowerment Session
  2. Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
  3. A Conversation with Zoey Luna and Her Mother Ofelia
  4. Creating Spaces for Creative Expression and Performance as Healing Art
  5. Decolonize Your Sex Life
  6. GaySL: A Crash Course in LGBTQ American Sign Language
  7. Health Providers Panel: Accessing Trans-Friendly Health Care
  8. Leadership Isn't Sexy: Teaching Leadership to New Queer and Trans Leaders
  9. Name and Gender Marker Change Clinic
  10. Neurodiversity and Disability in the Transgender community
  11. Owning Our Story, Finding Our Light: The Aizumi Family Story
  12. Partners of Trans Folx
  13. Providing Equal Access for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Populations, Part 1
  14. Providing Equal Access for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Populations, Part 2
  15. Psychotherapy 101: A Q&A session about finding trans* affirming mental health care
  16. QTPOC Identities: A Writing Exploration
  17. Queer Self Defense. For Real.
  18. "The Talk"
  19. Trans Health - Wellness and HIV
  20. Trans* Identity and Romantic Relationships: Their Interplay and Influence on Each Other
  21. Trans Workers Rising: Organizing for trans economic justice
  22. TransForming Recovery
  23. The Ups & Downs of Phalloplasty - A Holistic Perspective on FtM Genital Reconstruction
  24. What's Wrong with Rights?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Trans Women of Color Storytelling To Close the 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conference

Jade Hambaro, Chella Coleman, and Ryka Aoki will close the 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conference.

Jade Hambaro and Chella Isabel Marie Coleman, who performed on stage in 2015 as part of Brouhaha: Trans Women of Color Comedy Storytelling, will join RykaAoki on Saturday, January 27, 2016  to close the 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conference.

Jade is a badass Filipina white mixed transgender woman currently living in Southern California. She considers herself a healer, an activist, and an artist. She likes to dance, write poetry, and trade stories with friends. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to Sci-Fi audiobooks and listening to people sing Karaoke. Chella describes herself simply as “an artist who uses art to talk and deal with the shit that oppresses trans women of color specifically.”

Ryka is a writer, performer, and professor who has been honored by the California State Senate for her “extraordinary commitment to free speech and artistic expression, as well as the visibility and well-being of Transgender people.” She is a professor of English at Santa Monica College and of Queer Studies at Antioch University. Ryka is also head instructor of Supernova Martial Arts, whose mission is to empower LGBT youth through martial arts and self defense. In 2015, she released the poetry book Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul.

Registration deadline closes online February 5, 2016. Click here to register online. After this date, registration will not include a T-shirt or guarantee a box lunch. If your campus has completed a Group Registration, then no individual registration fee is due. Individual registration is $20/person, $10/UCR, $10/reduced (no t-shirt), with fee waivers available for those unable to afford the reduced rate.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Join the Conversation with Zoey Luna & Her Mother Ofelia at the 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conferenceisk

California's School Success and Opportunity Act (AB1266), a law ensuring equal access to activities and facilities for transgender students in K-12, is meant to help young trans students such as Zoey Luna. When Zoey came out in middle school, her mother Ofelia Barba went on her own journey of understanding and fierce advocacy for her child. Zoey and Ofelia will share their story during a Saturday workshop session at the 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conference on February 27, 2016 at UC Riverside. Please bring your questions to share, because this is not a formal presentation but a conversation.