Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Asterisk Trans* Conference returning to UC Riverside in 2017

Archive - Workshops at the 2016 Asterisk Trans* Conference

This is an archive of workshops presented at the 2nd Asterisk Trans* Conference. Click here to read the workshop schedule.

Art, Identity, and YOU: Trans Art and Empowerment Session
Casey Hoke, Point Foundation/GLSEN/ Cal Poly Pomona

Join Casey Hoke (he/him/his), a trans male artist and activist from Louisville, Kentucky on a journey through transgender awareness and activism through art and learn how expression can affirm as well as educate on aspects of identity. Interactive workshop with art supplies provided!

Asian Pacific Islander Caucus
a.t. Furuya, San Diego State University
Marsha Aizumi, PFLAG National

This is for API folks to affirm our existence and offer space to discuss, heal, and find community support for transgender/GNC individuals. Topics may include but are not limited to: family, health and wellness, immigration, racism/internalized, disability justice, negotiating/navigating gender identity and expression, gender, race, and sexuality within our identities, connecting gender to roots, student life etc. Please note: This is a closed space for people who self-identify as Asian Pacific Islanders (API).

A Conversation with Zoey Luna and Her Mother Ofelia
Zoey Luna & Ofelia Barba

What is it like for a middle school student to come out as trans? Hear Zoey’s story, including the reaction of her school’s teachers and administration, as well as her mother Ofelia’s journey to understanding and advocacy for her child. Please bring your questions to share, as this will be a conversation and not a formal presentation.

Creating Spaces for Creative Expression and Performance as Healing Art
Jade Phoenix

Creative/Performance art is and can be a very powerful tool for communities joined together in collective resitance, liberation, and authentic self expression. Yet in this midst of such power, one aspect of creative expression and performance that is often overlooked is its ability to be an intergral part of ones personal healing/coming out/empowerment process through collective/communal initiative to hold space and witness these acts. How can we begin to recognize, cultivate and harness this power for healing and subsequently create safer and more intentional spaces in and for our communities to access such power?

Decolonize Your Sex Life
Maisha Manson, CSUN Alum

In this session attendees will understand the ways in which our relationships and sexual acts are rooted in colonialism, heteronormativity, and enforce a gender binary. Participants will be lead through art and discussion on ways that they experience these social norms. Following which we will explore what does it mean to have gender-inclusive sexual practices and ways to have healthy, safe, and inclusive relationships. 

GaySL: A Crash Course in LGBTQ American Sign Language
Hayden Kristal, University of Missouri

Come learn ASL signs relating to the LGBT community and talk about Deaf culture, the importance of accessibility in activism and more with Missouri's most fabulous Deaf transgender drag queen! All levels of experience with ASL and the Deaf and LGBTQ communities are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Health Providers Panel: Accessing Trans-Friendly Health Care
Bianca Salvetti, MSN, CNS, CPNP & Jamie Julian, MSW, Children’s Hospital L.A. – Center for Transyouth Health & Development 
Diana Feliz Oliva, MSWTransgender Health Program Coordinator, St. John’s Well Child & Family Center 
Gabriel Maldonado, TruEvolution Wellness & Engagement Center 
Moderated by Megan Rush, UC Riverside

How can you access trans-friendly medical care and programs specifically knowledgeable regarding hormone replacement therapy? How does access to health insurance impact your options? What documentation, if any, is required to show “medical necessity” when receiving medical care related to transitioning? Join a panel of health providers and learn about some of your health options.

Leadership Isn't Sexy: Teaching Leadership to New Queer and Trans Leaders
Ash Preston, CSU Fullerton & CSU Dominguez Hills

Leaders aren't always made from previous ones; sometimes they are born on their own and need guidance. Often queer and trans students have to forge their own way, and becoming a leader in your community is not always easy. This workshop will look at different leadership styles and components that embody leadership, and obstacles that new queer and trans folx might face.

Name and Gender Marker Change Clinic
Adriel Rodriguez, Patient Advocate
Queen Victoria Ortega Trans* Empower Case Manager
St. John's Transgender Health Program -

Come meet with the St. John's Well Child and Family Center's Transgender Health Program team to complete your name and/or gender marker change paperwork. The team will provide you with the necessary forms, walk you through the court filing process and provide you with helpful tips and updates. We will also be sharing information about the St. John's Well Child and Family Center Transgender Health Program and Trans* Empower Program.

Neurodiversity and Disability in the Transgender community
Nami Kitsune Hatfield, UCLA Alum
Panelists: Dan Vylette Maldonado, Rajah Olivia Jones, Jay Dee Santacruz, Cris Rosales-Doi

This panel that will explore the intersections of disability and neurodiversity within transgender communities. Included in this program will be a discussion of terminology and a brief introduction to key concepts of neurodiversity and disability. Also included in this panel will be resources for disabled and neurodiverse community members and allies, as well as a dialogue about disability and neurodiversity featuring neurodiverse and disabled community members.

Owning Our Story, Finding Our Light: The Aizumi Family Story
Marsha Aizumi, PFLAG National
Aiden Aizumi, PFLAG Pasadena

Our program will not only share our story of a mother and transgender son, but will share the lessons we have learned along the way… lessons that have brought us deeper connection as mother and son. We have been able to turn our challenges and fear into gifts of joy, love, and greater appreciation for each other. And as we have navigated this path together with open hearts, we have not only found our authentic voices but the incredible power of unconditional love and acceptance. It is our hope that you will walk away more confident in your journey and in the ways you can make a difference in your family and in the world.

Partners of Trans Folx
Lucy Hincaipe, UCR Alum

Are you in a relationship with someone who is trans or genderqueer? Would you like to talk with others to share your experiences and discuss navigating the world as the partner of a trans or genderqueer person? Please join this supportive conversation space. Please note:This is a closed space for partners of trans or genderqueer folx.

Providing Equal Access for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Populations, Part 1
Willy Wilkinson, Author of Born on the Edge of Race and Gender: A Voice for Cultural Competency

This workshop will explore the breadth of identities associated with trans and gender nonconforming communities, including the intersecting experiences of race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic circumstances, and disability. Participants will learn to utilize culturally competent language and behavior for addressing and working with this population, and increase their knowledge of health care access and legal issues that impact trans communities. Interactive, solutions-oriented, and engaging, this workshop will provide opportunities for learning and problem solving at all knowledge levels. For mental health providers, social workers, community advocates, educators in K-12 and campus settings (faculty, staff, administrators, and students), and others. Everyone welcome.

Providing Equal Access for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Populations, Part 2
Willy Wilkinson, Author of Born on the Edge of Race and Gender: A Voice for Cultural Competency

This workshop will highlight best practices for providing equal access for trans and gender nonconforming populations in educational institutions and community health settings. Participants will work together to develop concrete strategies to specific scenarios that they might encounter in their work, and explore trans-affirming systems and procedures for effective service provision. Interactive, solutions-oriented, and engaging, this workshop will provide opportunities for learning and problem solving at all knowledge levels. For mental health providers, social workers, community advocates, educators in K-12 and campus settings (faculty, staff, administrators, and students), and others. Everyone welcome.

Psychotherapy 101: A Q&A session about finding trans* affirming mental health care
Abi Weissman, Psy.D., Waves, A Psychological Corporation
Nina Grace Ruedas, Desert Center for Sexuality Awareness & Brandman University
Jill Hingston, The LGBT Community Center of the Desert

At this session, you can ask questions to three trans* affirming mental health providers. Topics include: the mental health portion of the WPATH Standards of Care, how to find a trans* affirming therapist in your neighborhood, how to advocate for your needs, and your questions. You are worth finding good, supportive care.

QTPOC Identities: A Writing Exploration
Eli Brown, UCR Alum

So many queer and trans people of color have gone through such diverse life experiences, but feel overwhelmed when trying to write about them because of the variety of intersections. This workshop will focus on helping individuals express their identities using writing exercises, discussion, and of course the opportunity to share. Writing can often bring people together, and the sharing of experience creates a ripple effect of growth, education and compassion in all communities. Participants are encouraged to take what they gain from the workshop into daily life to foster their creative outputs and find their true voice. All are welcome, QTPOC identified or not.

Queer Self Defense. For Real.
Ryka Aoki, Founder, Tomoe-Ryu and Head Instructor Supernova Martial Arts
Melanie Cuesta, Assistant Instructor, Tomoe-Ryu and Supernova Martial Arts
Byron Jose, Assistant Instructor, Tomoe-Ryu and Supernova Martial Arts

As queer, we face extremely real threats, dangers, and attacks. Wishful thinking aside, you can't learn a few feel-good tricks and think you have a chance against a real attacker. Practicing self-defense is like practicing fire and earthquake drills. It may not guarantee your safety, but can it help increase your odds of survival. As most threats are no strictly physical, we will address the practice of confrontation, be they social, legal, ethical, or physical. Please note: This is a closed space for people who self-identify as part of the queer/trans spectrum.

"The Talk"
Traci Medeiros, LMFT, COM|PASSionate REVOLT -

The "Coming Out" process has been picked up by media, television, and social justice campaigns. Documentaries and tell-all stories boasting the courageous nature of flying out of the closet are at our fingertips (and computer screens). While reflections of our stories are helpful, it can sometimes distract from the fact that the "Coming Out" process is a highly intimate, vulnerable, and functional process of how we take care of ourselves and build our support networks. This workshop will help participants clarify their needs/wants in coming out to different folks in their lives around gender identity and how to clearly articulate the pieces of their identity they are ready to disclose. Please note: This is a closed space for people who are Trans, Non-Binary, or Gender-Questioning.

Trans Health - Wellness and HIV
Sonya T Gleicher, AIDS Project Los Angeles
Ken Almanza

Trans individuals face many of the same health concerns as the LGBT and greater community, but with their own specific needs. We will focus on HIV prevention including the new therapies PrEP and PEP, STD transmission, and free/low-cost health coverage. This program will provide information about the differences between HIV myths and facts, and how to take the right steps toward improving your well-being.

Trans* Identity and Romantic Relationships: Their Interplay and Influence on Each Other
Kevin S. Carlson, Scripps College; Cal McMillan, Pomona College; Nicole N. Gray, Claremont Graduate University; Ivy A. Carrete, Claremont Graduate University; Karen Tannenbaum, Claremont Graduate University

Attendees will be given opportunities to reflect on their own identity formation, the role of romantic relationships on their identity, and the role of their identity in their relationships. This program will also discuss issues of intersecting identities (e.g., racial/ethnic identity) in these processes. This program will include some initial findings of a research study examining the interplay and bi-directional influences of trans* identity formation and romantic relationships.

Trans Workers Rising: Organizing for trans economic justice
Bea Esperanza Fonseca, Trans Worker Justice Organizer

This is an interactive workshop on organizing a trans movement that focuses on worker justice. Weaving together the movements for economic, racial, and gender justice, participants will work together to develop a theory and practice of trans liberation that is equipped to address the economic violence facing working class trans and gender nonconforming communities. A focus will be placed on personal narrative, organizing strategy, coalition building between movements, and creating partnerships between students, community and workers.

TransForming Recovery
Daniel Vylette Maldonado, Jaden Fields, Rajah Jones
T-FFED: Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders

Trans-identified individuals suffer disproportionately (preliminary studies show we are at least four times more at risk) from eating disorders and body image issues. This workshop will present why Trans people are at risk for EDs, critique non-inclusive mainstream recovery and research, and discuss how we can empower our communities to heal. We will discuss coping strategies that promote healthy behavior modification and healing modules, develop support systems, and confront oppressive systems that perpetuate problematic norms.

The Ups & Downs of Phalloplasty - A Holistic Perspective on FtM Genital Reconstruction

Zander Keig, LCSW, Editor of Letters for My Brothers: Transitional Wisdom in Retrospect and Manning Up: Transsexual Men on Finding Brotherhood, Family and Themselves

Many trans men have completed phalloplasty and metoidioplasty surgeries over the years, dating back to the mid-1940s, yet there is still a dearth of information available for those embarking on the surgery path, or wanting to support a loved one on their surgical journey. Too often when there is information it tends to over focus on the aesthetics and functionality of the new genitals. This workshop will incorporate a holistic emphasis on the FtM “bottom surgery” journey of a trans man who has traveled the path, twice. He will discuss the emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological, occupational and relational aspects of his journey.

What's Wrong with Rights?
Eli Erick & Landyn PanTrans Student Educational Resources
Isn’t equality what we’re aiming for? Many activists say no! What’s Wrong with Rights? looks at the ways in which the mainstream transgender movement can leave out many people with intersecting identities and how we can make this a movement that works to liberate all marginalized communities. Participants will discuss their own experiences as activists and how their work fits into a services/rights/justice organizational framework. We intend to build off of the collective knowledge of the audience to broaden attendees’ understandings of activism within their communities. We will examine the nonprofit industrial complex and the ways in which pinkwashed change may be disrupting transgender justice-based activism in critical areas of concern such as marriage equality, education, hate crime legislation, police, and the military.