Friday, March 16, 2018

Edxie Betts To Speak at 4th Asterisk Trans* Conference

Edxie Betts
We are very excited to announce our closing keynote speaker: Edxie Betts!
Edxie Is a Black, Blackfoot, Filipinx, Disabled (Neuro-divergent),Trans, Queer, artist, cultural worker and autonomous organizer. They do direct support for queer and trans political prisoners. Edxie speaks at different schools and events to discuss decolonial struggle and the power of collective consent. Their art and cultural work is aimed at inspiring healing, uplift, encouraging critical thought, dialogue and direct actions.
Edxie will be closing the conference with a presentation on "Reclaiming Our Consent." This presentation is aimed at helping to broaden the scope of what consent is and how it relates to interpersonal dynamics as well as how that relates to varying forms of oppression /domination, including but not limited to Race, Class, Gender, Sex, Citizenship & Ability.

Bamby Salcedo To Speak at 4th Asterisk Trans* Conference

Bamby Salcedo
We are honored to announce our keynote speaker Bamby Salcedo!

Bamby is the founder of the Los Angeles based TransLatin@ Coalition which “is an organization formed by Trans Latin@ immigrant leaders who came together in 2009 to organize and advocate for the needs of Trans Latin@s who are immigrants residing in the US.”

Bamby Salcedo was recognized as one of the “14 Women of Color Who Rocked 2014” by ColorLines. In 2014, her documentary “Transvisible: Bamby Salcedo’s Story” was released. That same year Bamby was honored at Lambda Legal’s West Coast Liberty Awards for her work in Angels of Change, an organization that provides health care services for Trans youth.

In 2016 Bamby spoke at the White House as part of the White House United States of Women Summit.

Bamby’s work continues to be recognized and awarded locally and nationally.

We, the planning committee and Occidental College are honored to host Bamby Salcedo as our keynote speaker at this year’s conference where she will speak about Trans empowerment.

To learn more about Bamby you can go to her website:

To register to attend the conference, click here.

Learn About Hormone Therapy & Gender Affirming Surgery

L.A. LGBT Center
Los Angeles LGBT Center staff members Lisa Kimsey, Senior Operations Manager and Melissa Burroughs, LCSW - Mental Health Clinician V will be presenting on hormone replacement therapy and gender affirming surgery.

“If you're interested in learning more about Hormone Therapy and gender affirming surgery please join us in a presentation where we will cover some of the basics of starting hormones and information about gender affirming surgery. We will have a Q&A to answer questions you may have as well as provide registration packets for those wanting to access services at the LA LGBT Center.”

Since 1969 the Los Angeles LGBT Center has cared for, championed, and celebrated LGBT individuals and families in Los Angeles and beyond. Today the Center provides services for more LGBT people than any other organization in the world, offering programs, services, and global advocacy that span four broad categories: Health, Social Services and Housing, Culture and Education, Leadership and Advocacy. 

Mobility Workshop with Justin Chow at the 4th Asterisk Trans* Conference

Justin Chow
At the conference, Justin Chow, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer with EVERYBODY, will be hosting a workshop titled: Mobility for Training and Life “This hands-on workshop will focus on warm-up drills, mobility, form, and stretches to prepare for working out and relieving muscle tightness and stiffness in day-to-day life. We may discuss exercise in relation to transition, hormones, surgery, and injury if there is interest in these topics. All bodies and levels are welcome and physical participation is not required.”

EVERYBODY is devoted to providing a brave and supportive environment for all bodies to move, strengthen, and heal, making health and wellness accessible, affordable and adaptive to all people regardless of their gender, race, age, size, or ability. Housed in an 8,000 square foot space in Cypress Park, EVERYBODY includes two movement studios, a fully equipped gym floor, gender neutral locker room and bathroom, and a large outdoor area. 

Pronouns: He/Him

L.A. Gender Center Addresses Self-Care as Revolution

Theodore R. Burnes

The Los Angeles Gender Center staff Theodore R. Burnes, Ph.D will be presenting a workshop titled: “Self care as revolution: Promoting self-care as a form of transgender advocacy and liberation.”

In this interactive workshop, presenters from the Los Angeles Gender Center will facilitate dialogue about how the transgender and gender nonconforming communities can take care of themselves. Panelists will share information from a wide variety of sources on activist burnout and provide opportunities for sharing strategies that help us take care of ourselves and each other.

Learn more about the Los Angeles Gender Center at

Supernova Queer Self-Defense and Martial Arts To Teach at Conference

We are delighted to share that one of our workshops will be provided by Supernova Queer Self-Defense and Martial Arts.

Self-defense takes on an explosive form with Supernova/Tomoe Ryu Martial Arts. Since 2010, Supernova has trained and equipped trans and queer communities with self-defense techniques and self-discipline. Come learn basics of queer self defense and how to be safer in your day to day routines.

Ryka Aoki
Byron Jose
Anissa Lynn
Marian Gonzalez

Supernova/Queer Self-Defense provides regular classes. Please see this flyer for class times and information.

Gender Justice L.A. Info & Zines at Conference

Gender Justice L.A.
One of our afternoon sessions will be presented by Ezak Perez of Gender Justice Los Angeles. Ezak will also be sharing information during the Resource Fair. You can also purchase zines to benefit Gender Justice L.A.

Gender Justice Los Angeles’s vision is: “We believe in liberation. We dream of a world free from all forms of interpersonal and state violence, where our whole selves, communities, kinships, and chosen families are held in all of our complexities. This world affirms practices of collective learning, wellness, culture, and traditions that sustain us emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Our vision is to get free!”