Friday, March 16, 2018

Edxie Betts To Speak at 4th Asterisk Trans* Conference

Edxie Betts
We are very excited to announce our closing keynote speaker: Edxie Betts!
Edxie Is a Black, Blackfoot, Filipinx, Disabled (Neuro-divergent),Trans, Queer, artist, cultural worker and autonomous organizer. They do direct support for queer and trans political prisoners. Edxie speaks at different schools and events to discuss decolonial struggle and the power of collective consent. Their art and cultural work is aimed at inspiring healing, uplift, encouraging critical thought, dialogue and direct actions.
Edxie will be closing the conference with a presentation on "Reclaiming Our Consent." This presentation is aimed at helping to broaden the scope of what consent is and how it relates to interpersonal dynamics as well as how that relates to varying forms of oppression /domination, including but not limited to Race, Class, Gender, Sex, Citizenship & Ability.