Monday, January 26, 2015

Gender anxieties in parents, clinicians, & the state

Offered on Saturday, February 28 to conference attendees:

Gender Anxieties: On Risk, Rejection and the Impulse to Regulate
Tey Meadow, Harvard University,

How much of the way we interact with transgender people runs on an economy of anxiety? In this talk, sociologist Tey Meadow will discuss her forthcoming book, an in-depth study of the first generation of parents actively and publicly affirming transgender identities in their children. She will discuss the kinds of anxieties gender transitions incite for parents, for clinicians and the state, and what makes some families more vulnerable than others to violence, harassment and state intrusion. She will offer some thoughts about the ways gender anxieties, even among trans allies, have lead to new forms of risk-management and regulation.