Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gender independent Guardian Princess Ten Ten book for sale at conference

Princess Ten Ten & The Dark Skies, featuring the first-ever gender independent princess, will be available for purchase at the Asterisk Trans* Conference. The Guardian Princess Alliance is led by UCR Professor Setsu Shigematsu. The book series now includes four stories, with the latest featuring Princess Ten Ten.

Princess Ten Ten defies the gender norms of her culture; she refuses to wear dresses, has short messy hair, and practices a martial art that has traditionally been exclusively for boys. Because of Princess Ten Ten’s gender non-conformity, she is bullied by other children and even her own father rejects her.
This story reveals how Princess Ten Ten perseveres and becomes a superheroine. She earns the title Guardian of the Skies by tackling the problem of air pollution. While raising awareness about the global impact of fossil fuel dependent economies, this story teaches readers about East Asian cultures. This story brings together Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures since they are all part of her mixed-heritage.

Visit the Guardian Princess table at the Asterisk Trans* Conference for the the opportunity to purchase:

  • posters ($1)
  • paperback ($10)
  • hardcover ($20)
  • first 3 books ($20)