Monday, February 23, 2015

Playing dress-up with the most gendered restroom stick people on campus

During Saturday's Asterisk Trans* Conference, the multi-stall restrooms on the 3rd Level of the Highlander Union Building will be converted to All Gender Restrooms and anyone may use them. Yet, the HUB restrooms signage includes two tremendously tall and gendered stick people.

So, you are invited Saturday to gender up the Stick People any way you wish (using blue tape only, please, to fasten artwork or clothing to the signs). Add suits or hats or dresses or beards or unicorn horns or anything else you can imagine. We'll take pictures. And provide the blue tape.

Please note that on Friday, the restrooms are open to the public and will be signed "Women" and "Men." Single-occupancy restrooms are located to the right of the elevators when you face them on both the 3rd and 2nd HUB Levels.

Update: A room will be available during Session 1 for people to craft their dress-up inspirations.